peetathepainter replied to your post: i called it


subadamantine replied to your post: i called it

Oh yes please!

musickronie replied to your post: i called it


who else wants to join S.S. Irosami????? lol

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    the-writers-ramblings replied to your post: You know what I can’t stand? some of these “Korra fans” that freaking nitpick everything on the show you know?. OMG TOO MUCH STORY NOT ENOUGH CHARACTER DEVELOPMENT IT’S MOVING WAY TO FAST” those same people keep whining episode 5 was a filler and we need more story. It’s so annoying

I agree but everyone needs to remember that they’re trying to condense a complex story with complex characters into 20 minutes with only 12 episodes this season (14 next one) and I think they’re doing a damn good job so far.

that’s what i’m saying!! ughh thank youu

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xthephoenixqueen said: omg.. that’s just.. WOW I knew that was a troll post as soon as I read it!

same here! 

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xthephoenixqueen said: wait.. people fell for that?

oh yes, loads of people did..

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 starrked said: do you have a download for the new ep?

i don’t think it has leaked yet…? i’m not sure :/

but when it does leak i’ll post it for those who are interested

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you deserve every single one!

Thank you!! :D

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legendarykorra replied to your post: I just thought i’d make a post saying THANK YOU…

Congrats! You deserve it!

:DD omgg thank you!!!

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